Sunday, January 8, 2012

Moving on in the New Year

Well this year has started out with a bang, and I am wondering what new and exciting adventures will be ahead of me.  I have decided to concentrate on writing tutorials on my beaded projects, a way of sharing what knowledge I have gathered over the years and sharing truimphs as well as failures.

The world of art is fascinating, a never ending world of exploring and learning, there is no lack of subject matter and our eyes are open to all possibilities. This is where I am, in my artistic life.  It is a happy place that brings comfort, joy, and solace, to name just a few of the emotions it brings to me.

I have decided to concentrate on what makes me happiest, designing!  There is no greater joy than to sit down with piles of beads in all colors and hues of the rainbow, and create something that is pleasant to the eye, creative in the use of color and composition, and to see a concept or idea come to fruition. For an artist, this is the moment of joy, what others think of your work is secondary, it is how you feel about the piece that matters most.

There can be wonderful learning experiences in your association with artists groups, but there is much conflict as well.  Every artist dreams of being admired, successful, and even famous, but are these really what is important? To some it is the only thing that matters and achieving these goals can be treacherous and some revert to unkind means of obtaining this. Be careful that you don't lose site of the real reason you create, for the joy and happiness it brings you.

I hope to bring new and exciting creations in the new year. It is my hope to inspire and promote an art form that is dear to my heart, not me personally, the art of making jewelry.

Here's to a year filled with color and creative thoughts.


  1. Here's to a year filled with a creative spark and a huge stash of beads. ♥

  2. Such an eloquent description of how we manage our creative urges. I agree completely.

  3. Thank you DaniRae, hope your year is filled with all you wish for, keep beading and creating.

  4. Rosita P. thank you, just speaking from my heart and I am happy this is something you agree with. Keep creating, your cuffs you have been doing lately are quite clever and I like that someone thinking about doing bead work but not sure where to start, might perhaps try this style. I think you have created that first bridge into creating with beads. Keep creating!

  5. Hi Deborah! Your post is lovely! As an artist, I'm most happiest when I'm designing too. And all the exploring, experimenting, learning, and dreams of an artist can be so wonderful and rewarding as we grow. I just started a blog too! I hope you will join mine as well.
    Best wishes to you!