Monday, August 27, 2012

Quiet Time

Wow, I can't say that June, July or August has been quiet, quite the contrary, I seem to be on emergency trauma overload!
My Mom is healing from the broken arm nicely, but then she had back surgery in July. This was to be an easier surgery for her, and it has been.  There has been so much stress at her home,my sister moved out of the home she was living in and we helped move her back to my Mom's, she was a great help, til sibling fighting took over and created havoc, after being called in numerous times things calmed down. So I thought.
My sister suffers with mental illness and was having a hard time adjusting, she was going into a deep depression, so off to the emergency room we went. About 5 hours later we took her home, with adjustments to her meds. Meantime Mom has stated that she wishes to sell her house and move back to Massachusetts. Okay, to packing and painting 27 cupboard doors, getting the house in order for realtor to go through and put up for sale.  Tired and doing too many things, my back is screaming "no more", gotta keep going.

July rolls in, and things aren't well at Mom's, referee to the rescue.  Get a call July 20th, my youngest son has been hit by a car, it's bad, more head injuries, ruptured spleen, broken ribs, road rash. I am distraught, as my son has more or less been homeless, another brain trauma is heart wrenching.  On the phone to family to get help, to bring Chris home, so that we can care for him.  This is not the first time he has been hit by a car, what further damage has been done to his poor body.  My sister decides to move back to Massachusetts, take her to airport and say tearful goodbyes, the fighting will at least stop.  Now comes the dozen or more calls a day to Florida, trying to get info on my son Chris.  So much difficulty communicating between states, about a dozen calls a day, not much cooperation, but family is with me and sending funds for airline tickets and whatever he may need.  He contracted MRSR in hospital, his wound is opened, at least the can't release him to the streets, he is sent to a nursing home. Mom is moving around better since back surgery, only running back and forth to her home a couple times a week and she is able to bathe and dress herself, my back rejoices, but still have about 12 cupboard doors left to paint.  I feel for Mikki F. and what she had to go through with moving she and her mother, it's never ending work, and more that my poor back can handle. I've had several days that I can't move,bend, and barely walk, I am injuring myself, but still have so much to get through.

Chris is here, thank you Lord, I asked family and friends for prayers, they work so well.  I watched miracles happening before my eyes. What a joy my son Chris is, he has such a tender spirit despite all the horrors he has experienced.  I am constantly wiping away tears, some for joy, some for sadness, some from shear frustration, but my faith is ever strong and is constantly being renewed, there is such strength in prayers and the good Lord has heard them and is here guiding us.

There is still so much to do, God has even moved the Social Security workers, they are working closely with us, for Christophers' well being, medical and financial needs as well.  I am so very grateful to my parents for there continued help,love, and prayers.  I went to the Dr.' today (3 month check up) I was anxious, but again God has been watching me, my cholesterol finally is down (lower than the Dr. required!), I lost 3 1/2 lbs., but my blood sugar went from 7.3 to 7.8, I was working it down to under 6, but with all that has gone on, I can't be hard on myself.  After quitting smoking for 3 1/2 years, I regrettably picked them up again when I got the telephone call that Chris was seriously injured from the car hitting him.  Discussed it with my Dr. and next month will go back on Chantix, I don't wish to smoke, but it has been a nerve racking, finger nail biting, anxious month, the cigarettes calmed me, but I'm coughing and don't feel well so I know I will put cigarettes away, with little regrets.  Gathering medical records, dropping them off at SS is about as much as I am doing today.  This old body is tired and not working to well at this time, but I have survived, and my youngest son is home and safe.  I am blessed.

Time to complete an order and make some new pieces.  How to put what has gone on into some sort of perspective and tackle what the future will bring.