Friday, February 3, 2012

Where does the time go?

As I sit having a cup of tea this morning, I realize I haven't posted in my blog, nor have I kept up with the blogs I follow.  When I pull up my account I realize how much has happened and how much I have missed. It is not my intention to be so slack in my artistic endeavors, but it is happening more and more.

I am having to face some very difficult choices, the biggest being how much longer am I going to be able to bead.

I have had surgeries to my neck (fusion/metal plate), my lower back (disks fused, titanium rods), reconstruction of my right wrist (limited use of this hand, pushing the limits results in severe pain, as well as loss of use of my right hand, and I am a righty!), as well as dealing with diabetes.  I am considered disabled, something I don't like and foolishly try to prove to myself that I'm not.

I have struggled to continue a "normal" lifestyle since the neck and back surgeries, I have been to specialists with hopes that the Dr.'s may have a miracle cure for my wrist. This is as good as it gets. I have to accept my limitations and will be slowly, ( I will drag my feet on this too) getting out of beading.  I don't want to but I am having more and more difficulties physically and this saddens me greatly. I have so many designs still running through my head.

There is still areas in my art I will still be able to do, painting, I have been getting all kinds of subject matter to paint, I prefer oils.  Then there is China painting, this will be a challenge and a limited outlet as I cannot use my hands that long.  I will still do an occasional bead project, as I said I have a lot of designs still in my head that I have to do. Funny I am working on a piece right now, that in the back of my mind I kept thinking "make this a spectacular piece, a grand finale" and I kept telling myself to stop this kind of thinking. Sad fact is, that it takes me longer and longer to accomplish the beadwork and the result of pushing myself is pain.

So while you may see less of my work, and I won't be doing many more challenges, I will still do the occasional piece and post for you to see.  Physically and financially it is time to slow way down. I have several pieces in the works and pieces in contests I haven't shown yet, so there will be more coming from me.  I am not completely done yet, just have to make some wise choices concerning my disabilities.

Keep beading, I will for as long as I can.  Posts will be limited as well, typing is another area that I have to limit, but you will hear from me soon!

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