Thursday, March 1, 2012

Moving ahead with Spring Cleaning!

Well the last time I posted I mentioned the new direction I am going to move in. Well guess what, I'm still working out the details! Have I actually written anything: NO! Other than posts that I am closing my website!  I also have a piece I am trying to finish, but the past 45 days I have had to deal with a pinched nerve in my neck. It affects my right arm and hand, so beading has been pretty much been gathering dust. Writing has been difficult and the hunt and peck system of typing wears me out! Great news though the pinching in my neck is finally receeding and I made it through my birthday weekend of sleep!  I got a new prescription for non narcotic medicine to help with the pain and to help me sleep. Well it knocked me out for the entire weekend, didn't get to do anything as I couldn't keep my eyes open. If that wasn't disappointing enough, I had an allergic reaction to the medication and couldn't stop itching!  I am allergic to all narcotic pain meds and now it seems even the non narcotic meds as well! Oh well, I got through it and I am happy to be on the mend! Now if I ever complete this collar I started! As my disabilities progress in the downward fashion, I become slower and slower, I have had to tell people that I can't tell them how long something takes me to make, some days are good, some not-so-good!
I have decided to close my website, it hasn't been successful for sales, and has more or less become a bulletin board for the events I've entered pieces in, I've decided this blog can handle that aspect of my website, and my etsy shop can cover the selling part.  Once I have completed this swap out and change over I will actually have time to write!
Speaking of writing, Bead Design Studio Magazine April 2012 issue comes out March 13th, I have an article in this.  I am very anxious to write up instructions for the bracelet that just won a Bronze medal in the 2011 Fire Mountain Gems Gemstone contest, this is such a versatile method and there are so many options for constructing this piece, I think it will be a great piece to start with, just thinking of making another version in different color, to show the options are only limited by individuals creativity!

Check out the 40% off sale at my website, http://www.deborahaweaver.  Hope to be announcing the completion of the "collar that has taken forever " and that I am at least starting some tutorials!

Keep creating!

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