Sunday, March 25, 2012

Efforts in Confusion

Well, I am moving at a snails pace lately and leaving a trail of spilled beads! Trying to get back to beading while patiently waiting for a pinched nerve to go pinch someone else! Though the process has been slow I am anxious to get on with all my projects, though the older I get the longer they seem to take. I turned 56 this year and have had to do a lot of re-evaluating about my life, dealing with disabilities that don't get better but challenge me as to how I can still do the things I love to do.
I have had to give up gardening which I adore, but my loving husband is going to make some permanent beds (4'wx8'lx24"h) with cinder blocks, so that I can sit and not have to bend so much (spinal surgeries). We both miss the fresh and organic veggies I used to grow and find the grocery stores veggies pale in comparison to garden grown. I look forward to planting herbs in the open holes on the tops of the cinder blocks! Because I tend to go crazy with gardening, we will start with only two beds, so its been a challenge to decide on what to grow!
Beading right now is slow and I am awkwardly attempting to write up a tutorial. The illustrations are giving me the toughest time, so I am using a combination of pictures and hopefully illustrations. I can draw the illustrations on paper, but to do it on the computer and even my new drawing pad is causing me to get stress headaches. So I am now approaching it slowly, my husband is a great help, he's my camera man,computer man,critic, and in general a blessing.
So now it's time to say goodbye, have to get back to this tutorial and a bead embroidered collar that I have been working on for two months (and it will take about that long to finish!).  I hope all of you are looking forward to spring and wonderful weather, happy beading!

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